Simla Civelek (b. Istanbul, Turkey) is a performance artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her work has been presented at the FADO Performance Art Centre, 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, SAVAC, Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops-BC, Circa in Montréal-QC, Art Nomade in Chicoutimi-QC, Regart in Lévis-QC, Glasshouse Art Life Lab in Brooklyn-NYC, Experimental Action Performance Art Festival in Houston-TX and OPEN Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China among other venues.


We all carry the record and knowledge of past gestures in our bodies. I bring these gestures into performances removed from specific connotations in order to review our quotidian experiences.

My work develops out of spatial awareness of various elements: the location, the objects, my body and the audience. These elements produce different relationships each time they interact. 

I am interested in removing the emotion out of actions. I think this is because i inhabit a specific body with a certain cultural upbringing and certain culturally established patterns of behaviour. In Turkey, the women I grew up around acted openly emotional. By distilling this major component, one is left with the core of that emotionality. My body becomes an object affecting and being affected at the same time without any psychological backstory.

My goal is to transform emptiness through the prism of my body and bring the audience into a slow perceptual awareness.